“Music can change the world because it can change people.”


  • Who we are

    A non-profit cultural organisation

  • What we do

    We organise 4 music festivals, we educate children and support young artists

  • History

    Established in 2008.
    From a student-run association, we evolved into a leading promoter of nation-wide social events in the Czech Republic.

  • Our mission

    To awake the best in people, through music.

  • Our vision

    A better world, thanks to a confident, free, engaged & cultural society.

  • Our values

    Truth, love and a bit of healthy fierceness

Our team

  • Jan Gregar
    Jan Gregar


  • Tomáš Mudra
    Tomáš Mudra

    financial director

  • Inka Jurková
    Inka Jurková

    projects director

  • Jiří Mirzoev
    Jiří Mirzoev

    fundraising & sponsoring

  • Hana Bárta Nikodemová
    Hana Bárta Nikodemová

    marketing director

  • Adam Kaňa
    Adam Kaňa


  • Arnošt Kasal
    Arnošt Kasal

    project manager

  • Klára Břeňová
    Klára Břeňová

    project manager

  • Ondřej Koutský
    Ondřej Koutský

    project manager

  • Barbora Luczy
    Barbora Luczy

    project manager

  • Oliver McGillick
    Oliver McGillick

    production manager

  • Anežka Nováková
    Anežka Nováková

    production manager

  • Martin Šolc
    Martin Šolc

    production manager

  • Jan Střecha
    Jan Střecha

    production manager

  • Oliver Beaujard
    Oliver Beaujard


  • Štěpán Sukdola
    Štěpán Sukdola

    social media manager

  • Maria Michopulu
    Maria Michopulu


  • Matěj Polák
    Matěj Polák

    idea maker, graphic designer

  • Martin Sršeň
    Martin Sršeň

    idea maker, graphic designer

  • Nino Zardalishvili
    Nino Zardalishvili


  • Michaela Babuková
    Michaela Babuková

    grants & subsidies

  • Patrícia Habová
    Patrícia Habová


  • Věra Sedaková


  • Eliška Zamouřilová
    Eliška Zamouřilová

    office manager